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Marvee Woods Music

a.k.a Killa Hooks

About Marvee

Marvee Woods knew he had a special talent for writing, the moment he was asked to join a rap group in 1994 in his school yard.  

Unknown to him at the time, this was to be the start of a musical journey that has seen him embark on travelling the world to create songs! 

He began rapping in several underground groups, and was soon introduced to a producer in 1998 called Wayne Beckford, formerly of UK Rnb group "Nine Yards" (signed to Virgin Records at the time). The pair hit it off immediately and got to work straightaway on Marvee's unreleased rap album project. 

After several label rejections, a dejected Marvee was asked in 2002 to write an album for a signed boy band. This was new territory for him, and the unthinkable was about to happen; his dreams of becoming a rapper were to be put on hold for a shot at becoming a world renowned songwriter!

Thankfully for Marvee, work quickly followed in the shape of Liberty X, Terri Walker, Keisha White and many more! A studio session in 2006 led him to meet UK Dance pioneers Delinquent. A year later Marvee enjoyed his first record deal, signing to Universal Records off the back of a separate Dance writing project he formed with Michael Panteli a.k.a Mike Delinquent! 

As Marvee progressed with other projects, he once again hooked up with Wayne Beckford on a writing trip to Paris in 2008. Marvee wrote and performed a rap verse on a song called "Talking Sh*t" which was being recorded for the album of French superstar Ophelie Winter. Ophelie released the song on her album called Resurrection in May 2009. 

Marvee also wrote 2 songs on the Wayne Beckford album Alpha Omega which was released by Emi Music France in April 2010. 

In April 2011 Matt Pokora released his album called Mise a jour 2.0 in France. The album was released by Emi Music France and included a song called "Nothing" which is co-written by Marvee. The album was certified Platinum in July 2011 in France selling 100,000 copies. In 2013 the Mise a jour 2.0 album was certified Double Platinum in France after selling over 200,000 copies. M.Pokora has had major success with his album releases. One of his albums includes his hit single Dangerous, which is produced by American producer Timbaland.

In January 2013 Marvee signed a Publishing deal with Sunshine/PeerMusic Germany. After meeting Danish publisher Michael Hammerlund who is the owner of Sunshine Music Publishing which is a sub publishing company of Peer Music Germany. Marvee was introduced by Michael Hammerlund to the then Peer Music Germany MD Lars Ingwersen who agreed with Michael Hammerlund to sign Marvee on an exclusive worldwide publishing deal. The deal was the start of a new adventure for Marvee, which has brought him many new writing opportunities globally.

Marvee has since worked with X Factor UK contestants Misha B and Alexandra Burke. Also The Voice UK 2014 winner Jermain Jackman. Marvee has also worked with German superstar Sarah Conner. Plus on many Dance projects which have been released by Major and Independent labels around the world.

In 2015 Marvee worked with The Voice Spain finalist Maverick Lopez who's album reached number 4 in the Spanish album chart after being released by Universal Music Spain in August 2015. Marvee co wrote a song called 18+1 on the Maverick Lopez album which is also called 18+1. Marvee also went in the studio in 2015 with Warner Music UK artist Krishane who is co managed by Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun and worked on 4 songs for Krishane's yet to be released debut album. 

In February 2016 Marvee signed a worldwide distribution deal with Universal Music for an independent UK based record label called SouthShaw Records that he founded with Thomas Teago.

In 2018 after parting ways with Thomas Teago Marvee returned to the songwriting scene forming a production team called Da 21st Century with producer Neil Athale. Marvee continues to write songs with various major label artists. With some songs soon to be released. The future continues to look good for this talented songwriter.

Watch this space...